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Power of Reading

Year 5- Dive into the World of make believe

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Double, Double toil and trouble, fire burn and cauldron bubble.

Macbeth has all the ingredients for a gripping drama. In Power of Reading we will be exploring characters and themes from this infamous play and in History,  join us as we travel back in time and find out all about the terrible Tudors,  stupendous Stuarts and the events that inspired Shakespeare to write this classic tragedy.

As a final celebration, in D.T. we will be inviting family and friends to join us as we feast on a banquet designed and made by ourselves, fit for a King (Henry) or even a Queen (Elizabeth).



Year 6- Dive into a World of Make Believe


Journey with us on a magical adventure with Tom as he discovers an incredible world through the back door of his aunt’s house. In our study book, Tom’s Midnight Garden, we will be transported to a bygone era where the lines of reality and fantasy are blurred.

Year 6 will be studying Victorians as part of our history topic. We will investigate the impact the Industrial Revolution had on our country at this time. We will be creating a podcast on the experiences of a Victorian child and presenting this to a wider audience. In DT, we will create our own Victorian-inspired bridge.

As a final celebration, we will be showcasing our completed bridges and Victorian writing pieces.


Additional information:


5SG and 5DB (Wednesday afternoon)

6SB and 6SG (Monday afternoon)

Please ensure your child/ children have full kit so they are fully prepared for their sessions.

Full kit (indoor) includes:

  • Black shorts
  • White collarless t-shirt
  • Sand shoes

Full kit (outdoor) includes:

  • Warm outer layers (jogging bottoms/hoody)
  • Trainers

Waterproof layers are optional but may keep you comfortable in wet weather- we will be out come rain or shine!

Home reading books

Home reading logs are checked daily for parent signatures and children receive daily Dojo points for reading at home. Children who read five times at home, will have their names put in the raffle which will be drawn weekly.

Weekly homework

This will be available on the blog each week. The homework will consist of one piece of maths.

Weekly tests

Spellings and times tables will also be tested weekly.

As I’m sure you can tell, we’re going to be busy!

Keep up to date with us via our class blogs and get in touch if you need us.

Many thanks,

Year 5/6 team