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Power of Reading

Year 5- Ancient Greece 

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Mythical monsters and great legends will be entering the classroom as we step back in time to Ancient Greece.  Through our Power of Reading text – The adventures of Odysseus – the children will be focusing on history and art.

In history, we will be exploring  the Olympic games and where they began. The children will be learning how the ancient Greeks started the Olympic games and how it has influenced what we do today.

In art we will be focusing on the work of Sara Fanelli and how she captures emotions through her literature and art work. Her well-known book (Mythical Monsters) will be used to engage and influence the children’s own art work.

As a final celebration, we will be showcasing our work completed this half term in a whole school gallery. We are looking forward to seeing you there.

Year 6- Stay Where You Are Then Leave

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It’s time to step back in time as, through the Power of Reading, we are transported back to 1914 to explore life during WWI.

Focusing on history and art, this term we will be looking at the work of Paul Nash, a war artist of the time, developing our skills in a range of media. Through our exploration of a number of works of art, we will be able to explore events and attitudes, feeding perfectly in to our history and writing through newspaper reports, diary entries and more.

As a final celebration, as well as having the opportunity to share some of our written pieces, we will contribute our very own works of art to an interactive gallery showcasing our talents- we hope you’ll be able to join us!

Additional information:


5KD and 5DB (Monday afternoon)

6SB and 6SG (Monday afternoon)

Please ensure your child/ children have full kit so they are fully prepared for their sessions.

Full kit (indoor) includes:

  • Black shorts
  • White collarless t-shirt
  • Sand shoes

Full kit (outdoor) includes:

  • Warm outer layers (jogging bottoms/hoody)
  • Trainers

Waterproof layers are optional but may keep you comfortable in wet weather- we will be out come rain or shine!

Home reading books

Home reading logs are checked daily for parent signatures and children receive daily Dojo points for reading at home. Children who read five times at home, will have their names put in our end of term raffle with the chance to win a fabulous book from our new collection.

Weekly homework

This will be available on the blog each week. The homework will consist of one piece of maths.

Weekly tests

Spellings and times tables will also be tested weekly.

As I’m sure you can tell, we’re going to be busy!

Keep up to date with us via our class blogs and get in touch if you need us.

Many thanks,

Year 5/6 team