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Time Travel

Year 3 – The Stone Age:

As we travel back in time to The Stone Age, we will be using the book ‘UG: Boy Genius of the Stone Age’ by Raymond Briggs.

We will have two main focuses during this topic. Our first will be to look back at the history of the Stone Age. We will explore timelines and ordering different events. Using different sources we will begin to answer scientific questions and conduct research to further our understanding. We will look at different artefacts and learn new topic words to help us understand this period in time.

Our second focus will be on art. As well as furthering our development with our sketching skills we will be using what we learn in history to create our own cave paintings. We will use digital images to mix with printing to create our own versions of cave paintings. These will then go on display as part of our whole school art gallery for our celebration event.

In PE (Physical Education) we will be following the importance of story telling in the Stone Age and creating our own dances to represent a story about the Stone Age.

Year 4:

Image result for the rabbits book

Spellings will be tested and homework collected each Thursday in Year 4 and each Friday in Year 3.

Homework and spelling will be given out every Friday.

Children will also have a weekly times tables test.


Home reading books will be changed weekly as follows:

3RR – Tuesday

3MW – Tuesday

4RE – Wednesday

4MH – Wednesday


PE days:

Year 3 – Tuesday

Year 4 -Friday

Children need indoor and outdoor PE kit:

Indoor – sandshoes, black shorts and white t-shirt

Outdoor – trainers, black shorts or black jogging bottoms, white t-shirt and black hoodie