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The curriculum

At Sutton Park, phonics is taught throughout the Foundation Stage, Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 (where required).  The objectives are taken from The National Curriculum, as is the programme of study.

Phonics is taught daily in small groups appropriate to the needs of pupils.

Our Approach

At the start of the journey, staff work with pupils in small groups to ensure that their listening skills are sufficiently developed. This is so that they can hear the sounds in spoken words.

When children are ready, we start to teach them to match letters to sounds in order to read and write. Our phonics programme is based on a multisensory approach where pupil’s listening, speaking and visual recognition are all being stimulated at the same time. This makes learning meaningful and long lasting.

We have adapted this approach using the Letters and Sounds scheme.

Within every phonics lesson, pupils recap previous skills, learn something new, practise this and then apply their learning through short reading and writing tasks.