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F2 will be focusing on travel and journeys for the Summer term. We will be comparing and contrasting our own local environment with other climates to develop the children’s understanding of the world. The text we will be focusing on for the first half of the term is ‘Puffin Peter’ by Petr Horacek. F1 will be reading the story The Train Ride by  June Crebbin.





In the second half of the Summer term, F1 and F2 will be focusing on a text called ‘Surprising Sharks’ by Nicola Davies. We will develop the children’s ‘fact-finding’ skills with this non-fiction text and hopefully summing up the children’s learning with a surprise class trip to a mystery location!


The children will be developing their understanding of money this term with a trip to the local shops to put their knowledge into practice. We will also be mastering, doubling, halving and sharing to prepare the children for Year 1. F1 will be working on number recognition for the new starter children, 1 more and 1 less and subtraction.


Geography and ICT We will be focusing on journeys and the journeys we make e.g. to and from school and within local environment. We will be using iPads to take photographs of the local area and put these into a collage to showcase our work.


In further preparation for the Year 1 curriculum, we will be starting to teach F2 children P.E. The children will develop their gross-motor skills and develop a better understanding of the need to exercise and the impact on their health. Our initial sessions will focus on dressing and undressing, and we would greatly appreciate it if your child starts to do this at home.